Recycling Chaos

For years, Dover District Council was run by the Labour group. Relatively recently, Conservatives became the majority party. During the election campaign, the Conservatives issued survey forms asking for voters’ concerns. On top of the list was recycling. Now, recycling was a contentious issue throughout Labour’s terms of office. “Recycle!” people cried, “We want to recycle!”. What did the Lobour group do? They issued rather sad looking, plastic boxes that would not hold the remains of a gnat’s dinner party. Mostly, we took our recyclable waste to the local tip. The Conservatives took heed of the peoples’ demand for better recycling services and issued – bags. One was for cardboard and paper, the black box for tins and plastic, and another bag for green waste from gardens. We were told that our collection would change from a Thursday to a Monday, non-recyclable waste would be collected every Monday, paper, tins and plastic every two weeks and green waste collected on the weeks the other recyclables would not. It sounds confusing but seemed logical. I must say here that we were delighted; Kent County Council started a plastic collection at the local tip but then found it was ‘uneconomical’ so they stopped it again, since when we had to dump plastic with our non-recyclable waste. A terrible waste, as far as we were concerned.

The day of the great changeover, Monday November 3rd, arrived. Dutifully, we put out our black plastic bags of non-recyclables and our blue bags for paper and card together with the black box for tins and plastic. By that evening, our waste was still waiting. Tuesday came and finally our waste, both recyclable and non-recyclable was collected. Never mind, they got there in the end, I said to my wife. We have to expect these little upsets at the beginning.

Monday November 10th arrived and, again, we dutifully put out our non-recyclable waste and our green waste. This is marvellous, we said, now we don’t have to take green waste to the tip. That will save on petrol. Our non-recyclable waste was duly collected.

It is now Thursday November 13th. Our green waste is still waiting to be collected. We’ve moved it back into the garden now. Trouble is, we’ve collected more now so we will have to make a trip to the Kent County Council refuse tip. Maybe they’ll get it sorted out eventually. I won’t hold my breath. Labour, Conservatives … Does it really make a difference?

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