Another example of the Government’s hypocrisy

Schools secretary Ed Balls seeks power to dictate what textbooks GCSE and A-level students must study | UK news | The Guardian

Every so often a story emerges that shows the crass stupidity of our present government. That an untrained politician could determine what is studies by school children is indicative of how the government is saying it wants to give power to local politicians while doing exactly the opposite.

Yes, there is a case for determining what minimum standards should be acceptable. Yes, there is a case for ensuring that British children are taught so that they can function within a British society. Why do I say this? Because in some schools foreign teachers have been shown to teach concepts and ideas that are alien to the British way of life. For a child to learn nothing but the Koran, to learn that the Koran and Sunna give them everything they need to function in any society may be acceptable in an Islamic state but it is not acceptable in a modern, secular state like Britain. Children need to learn much more than being able to read an Arabic Koran by rote even if they do not understand Arabic.

However, for the Secretary of State for Education to give themselves the right to make such important decisions smacks of Nazism. The right way to go about deciding on a standard minimum curriculum would be for the Government to set up a body of education experts to suggest a curriculum and then for the whole of Parliament to vote on the acceptance or decline of the recommendations. That would be the democratic way forward.

The government is giving itself great powers. At a time of recession when university chancellors, bankers and a host of other so-called leaders are voting themselves huge pay rises, which to the public it appears is to the detriment of society and which the Government says it objects to, and then to vote itself tremendous powers to decide our children’s, and therefore society’s, future seems hypocritical to say the least. As a worst case scenario, suppose the people became so disenfranchised that in a moment of madness they voted in an extremist group which was bent on destroying British society as we know it, the extremists could do so without having to change one piece of legislation. A similar situation happened in 1930s Germany. Children should definitely be taught what that led to.

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