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The jargon terms council leaders want banned (Tony Collins’s IT Projects Blog)

Well, I haven’t been blogging for some time. What with a death, a marriage to help arrange and a forthcoming birth I have been quite the busy little bee. I have also had numerous medical tests to contend with to do with my new diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease. It appears many diabetics end up with the condition. I’m now on ACE inhibitors, which, apparently, help reduce further kidney damage.

There was a time when many doctors would treat patients as little more than annoyances to be dealt with as quickly as possible, perhaps with the less than judicial prescribing of anti-depressants to ensure they were kept in a state of maximum compliance. Then the doctor could leave for a game of golf or whatever save in the knowledge that their patients would not be complaining about their ‘perceived’ conditions. Then came Margaret Thatcher and the scalpel and doctors began to take their patients more seriously once again. (If only another Mrs. Thatcher could do the same for dentists!)

It’s that lack of respect for patients, clients, customers or whatever the ‘in vogue’ word for the general public is to be referred that council leaders are now attempting to challenge. Words and phrases can reveal a lot about attitudes. The link above gives a fairly comprehensive list of the terms that council leaders want to ban. I, for one, find it quite offensive to be told that listening to people is referred  to as ‘Bottom-up’ by council employees.

The campaign against jargon has a point when it suggests that jargon can be used not only to confuse but to conceal offensive attitudes or worse. So more power to the elbows of the council leaders.

To complete this blog, I’d like to add another couple of examples:

Coterminosity – all singing from the same hymn sheet

Coterminous – all singing from the same hymn sheet

Would you have known that?

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