Jacqui Smith – android!

Jacqui Smith says DNA database profiles of 800,000 innocent people will be axed | Politics | The Guardian

But can we believe her? Smith has already lied when she said that the security services would no longer aim to copy all communications while GCHQ is still going ahead with the project. The woman, if woman she is and not an android built by Gordon Brown’s cronies to do his will and nothing more, cannot be trusted to tell the truth. She is a public relations disaster.

I used to support the Labour Party. I used to be a card-carrying activist. No more. I am now a member of the Liberal Democrats but in recent months have even toyed with the idea of joining the Conservative Party, although the very thought still makes me nauseous. I cannot think of a time when a Labour Prime Minister would cause me to welcome thoughts of Margaret Thatcher, but Gordon Brown has done just that. Brown was a good second-in-command; he has made a disastrous leader. Some people are like that – they cannot bear ultimate responsibility; their brain freezes and they cannot think. Yet in positions of lesser responsibility they shine.

However, Jacqui Smith is in a league of her own. She cannot even be trusted in a position of lesser responsibility. If Gordon Brown wants to salvage something of his premiership then he should get rid of this woeful inadequate before she does more damage.

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