Probe call in Afghan ‘convert’ row

Al Jazeera English – CENTRAL/S. ASIA – Probe call in Afghan ‘convert’ row

How would the people of Kent like it if Muslim Imams went around handing out leaflets about the Koran and brazenly trying to convert people to Islam? Well, in the reverse, that’s exactly what’s happening in Afghanistan.

Cristian chaplains with the American army are going out of their way to convert Afghani Muslims to Christianity. Is it any wonder the coalition forces are failing in Afghanistan and Afghani villagers are helping the Taliban?

Have you heard about this anywhere else? Probably not. It has been left to Al Jazeera to inform those who listen, watch or read its output. Al Jazzera used to be called a mouthpiece for al Quaida. However, after people started watching the television station and reading online content it became clear that they are far more truthful than much of the western media. If anyone remembers anything about Al Jazeera now its probably for employing David Frost as an interviewer. Which begs the question: would David Frost have anything to do with a television station that distorted the truth? I think not. We can be reasonably sure that if Al Jazeera reports that American chaplains are trying to convert Muslims then it’s probably correct.

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