Fed up with politics?

TakeBackPower.org – 100 Days to save Democracy.

We were always taught that politicians in the UK were beyond reproach. One couldn’t trust politicians in other countries, of course; Johnny Foreigner was corrupt and in politics for what he/she could get out of it. Now things are different. We have learned to our cost that politicians in this country are just as bad as anywhere else. We must DO something about it, you say, get back to proper politics when politicians became politicians because they wanted to do something for other people. If you believe that you’ll believe anything. Politicians are human beings and will do what they can to ensure that they and their families are better off than the family next door. It’s what humans do and if you believe otherwise then you have your head well and truly stuck in the sand.

Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, is now trying to do something about the situation. You could argue that he is just another politician and wants to gain power for his own ends. Except that Nick Clegg is trying to give power back to the people. If you are fed up with politics, try visiting Take Back Power and see what is being suggested. Maybe, just maybe, you will begin to trust politicians again.

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