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Republic | Liberties and rights

“The British constitution has never been about the rights or liberties of citizens. It has been about the concentration of power at the top of society. It is that power, which flows from the Crown, that jeopardises our liberties.”

Prince Charles is behaving more and more like his ancestor, Charles I. It is becoming increasingly obvious that he is running his own form of censorship, and there are too many people in Britain, fed up with stories of parliamentary greed and incompetence, who are sleepwalking into a feudalistic monarchy where they will have no power and owe total allegiance to a king who gives not a jot for their health or safety. Charles is so full of idealistic views of so-called ‘alternative medicine’ that he completely misses reality: that before the enlightenment hundreds of thousands of people died each year of illnesses and disease that have, in many cases, been completely eradicated by modern medicine. If Charles gets his way, we will return to the Britain of his ancestor, the woeful and incompetent Charles I. Charles I also thought he was doing his best for the country when in reality he was doing his best for his own family; and he paid a very heavy price for it.

Charles is interfering with planning systems that have been set up by properly elected democracies. There may be problems with parliamentary democracy but the alternative, a monarchy under Charles that acts as little more than a family dictatorship, is becoming a frighteningly possible alternative.

The whole of Britain, including Scotland, Wales and Ireland, underwent a civil war that wrenched the country asunder. Charles seems determined to stage a re-run.

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