Michael Jackson’s life and death

‘I’m better off dead. I’m done’: How Michael Jackson predicted his death six months ago | Mail Online

As more and more is revealed about Michael Jackson’s life and death, it is becoming apparent how tragic his last few years were. It is possible that his future, the memories and fan-worship, may emulate that of Elvis Presley. It may also be found that his doctors’ activities in giving in to his demands for drugs may emulate Presley’s demise, as well. What can’t be compared with Presley is his desire to be around young boys, a possible symptom of his father’s abuse, for abuse it was, in not allowing him to be a child. It may be that his parents’ legacy also helped destroy his life in another way, the genetic lung disease, if Halperin is to be believed.

One thing is certain: Jackson could never have managed 50 concerts and the strain of trying to honour his commitments would have killed him. Better that he died before the concerts began rather than begin them and leave his fans with lasting memories of a pathetic old man who could no longer sing and dance. His doctors may have done him a favour by honouring his pleas for ever stronger pain relief; by dying before the London concerts began his fans will never believe that he could not have managed all 50. He will go now down in history as the boy who never grew up, and as the entertainer who gave the world the most incredible pop songs, dancing and videos the world has ever seen.

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