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Prince of Wales tried to topple architect over St Paul’s

Prince of Wales tried to topple architect over St Paul’s | UK news | The Guardian

This story is unbelievable! Prince Charles is interfering in political decisions and riding roughshod over the decisions of elected bodies in ways reminiscent of one of his supposed ancestors, Charles I.

I say supposed deliberately because Prince Charles is descended from the German monarchy, not the English or Scottish. He has as little in common with the Charles Stewart, apart from the generations of inbreeding, as Oliver Cromwell had with Wat Tyler.

Now, many people may say that Charles Windsor is doing them a favour because they do not want the designs architects put forward, but what happens when they want a house built and find they have to comply with regulations imposed on them by Charles. No appeal, no way of showing their displeasure by voting for an alternative. If what the Guardian says is true then Charles is already interfering with homes that will be bought by the likes of me and you while he lives in a stately home costing more to run than most caves.

What is really galling, however, is that our present government must be aware of what he is doing and allowing him to get away with it. If Charles wishes to be king when his mother dies or abdicates then he should comply with the law of the land – and that law is based on the decisions of Parliament. The monarch must be a figurehead who can offer advice in line with their experience, as is the case with the present queen, but with no executive power. Charles is surreptitiously taking power from Parliament and our government is doing nothing to stop him.

Perhaps we need a latter day Oliver Cromwell to give our government a kick up the pants before Charles and his cronies become embedded in the decision making process and we find it is too late.

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