News Corps strkes again!

Haven’t blogged much for some time, mainly because of health problems, Swine Flu and trying to give up smoking following it, and the enjoyment of a new granddaughter.

On with the show. The link below is to a story from The Register that could fit into the pages of ‘How to lie with Statistics’. The Sun newspaper has been conducting a campaign against Facebook and Twitter. Facebook, the Sun says, has failed to stop paedophiles using its pages. Read the story to get more information. Anyway, the Sun has been praising the Facebook competitor, MySpace. What the Sun doesn’t tell its readers is that both the Sun and MySpace are owned by News Corps, Murdoch’s huge conglomerate. Facebook is not. Can a charge of nepotism be laid against an editor for the pieces he publishes, one wonders.

Sun’s Facebook-slapping hits wrong target • The Register

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