State Opening of Parliament

Just watching a bit of this on the BBC. My goodness, what a sycophantic twit Huw Edwards is … a disgrace to Welsh people everywhere.  It amazes me how, when we are supposed to be a democracy, members of the House of Commons are ‘summoned’ to attend the monarch. Shouldn’t it be the other way round, the monarch has to ask to be allowed in to the House of Commons.

I know some members of the Commons have brought Parliament into disrepute but most of those who committed the offenses were in what are called ‘safe’ seats and likely to be re-elected time and time again. If these safe-seat members became corrupt how corrupt must the monarchy be after all this time?

Surely most people are interested in what is in the monarch’s speech, not all the pomp and circumstance. The BBC would have us believe that most people in the country like events like the State Opening of Parliament. I think they’d be more interested in whether their taxes would be going up, if they are going to have to pay more for their pint in the pub, whether they are likely to be made unemployed because of the Government’s actions or if immigration is going to be tackled.

The BBC really does push out a load of twaddle.

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