Racist attack in Canterbury?

If the Afghans, link below, were attacked while delivering Christian leaflets and the attackers were white then I say: Shame on you.

Afghans who are Christians should be welcomed into the country because they sure as hell won’t be welcome in their own country.

These are just the sort of people who should be given refuge in this country. Yet it seems they are persecuted in their own country and then persecuted when they come to Britain. It’s bad enough for the government to allow racist Muslims into the country – and there are a lot of them, no matter what Gordon Brown says – who would willingly attack Christians let alone white nazi sympathizers.

Still, why should we expect white racists to be able to read the Koran when most Muslim immigrants can’t read it. Muslims must learn the Koran in Arabic, a language foreign to most, and must rely on their religious leaders to interpret for them, whether or not what they are being told is the truth.

BBC News – Three men attack Afghan teenagers

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