Britain’s Legal System on Trial

Why should counsel for the defence be allowed to, in effect, put victims – and the families of the murdered ARE victims – on trial? It seems this is to deliberately to confuse the jury thus causing their client to be found not guilty even if they are. Was there ever any evidence to suggest that the Dowler family had killed Milly? Certainly none that I know of. Were members of the family on trial for the murder? No.

Had Bellfield been found not guilty one presumes he would have been free to kill again. And again. Luckily, the jury saw through his, and his lawyers’, scheming.

Regrettably, lawyers seem more interested in rhetoric than evidence and truth. One is entitled to ask if this is because they can charge more the longer they can keep a case going? How utterly corrupt if so! But has our legal system ever been more than a forum for sophistry? Are we deluding ourselves that our system is the best? Sadly, it looks as if truth is as much a casualty of our legal system as the Dowler family.

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