Crabbing and Crabby.

Yay! Crabbing at St Margaret’s Bay tomorrow with my daughter Sam and my little scientist, granddaughter Susie. And it’s going to be hot and sunny! Low tide’s at 13.50 so there should be some decent pools to explore.

Gradually getting more movement in my hands. Humira is a wonder drug! Nurse confirmed it costs over £200 for a single injection. Worth it as far as I’m concerned but I’m glad I don’t have to pay for it myself.

On the drugs front, looks like Pfizer is going to retain a presence in Sandwich with around 350 staff retained. It’s the other 4000 I feel sorry for. I can’t help but think that the Government might be behind it, though. Sandwich was in the running to become what’s called an Enterprise Zone. The Government wants a piece of nowhere called Ebbsfleet to be an Enterprise Zone. If Sandwich retains Pfizer, albeit a much more streamlined Pfizer, then the government can say Ebbsfleet is the more deserving case. What’s at Ebbsfleet? Very little at the moment: a Eurostar station, a football team and lots of mud. The government wants to create lots of housing, it says. Yeah, right. And what’s happening to the money being pumped into the area already? Mmm. Arab governments know nothing when it comes to corruption. You want corruption? Try asking the British government …

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