No Portas money for Dover … but there’s a second chance

No Portas money for Dover … but there’s a second chance.

There should be no need for ‘Portas’ cash for Dover. The town is sitting on a potential goldmine.

If the Peoples’ Port project came to fruition then any profits would come be directed into the town to help improve the lives of its people.

It is doubtful if it will happen, however, as members of the present Dover Harbour Board have no pressing desire to help the town. The reason for their support for selling the port to another business seems to be to maximise their personal profit.

Perhaps this is indicative of Britain in the 21st century: maximise personal profit for a few and return to a ‘golden age’ of feudalism. Running projects for the benefit of the people seems to be considered socialist and therefore frowned upon.

Such a shame when without its human workers the port of Dover would collapse as a going concern, whether a cooperative like the Peoples’ Port or a for-profit business.

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