Disabled Pensioners and Disability Living Allowance

Older people find it difficult to get out and about at the best of times and for disabled older people it’s far worse.

The Government is stopping the payments of Disability Living Allowance to pensioners which means they will be unable to lease cars from Motability. Many disabled pensioners cannot use public transport because it is too difficult for them to get to a bus stop or train station or they suffer so much pain they cannot abide being tossed about on hard seats or sit comfortably when the vehicles are thrown about. Having a leased car for many disabled pensioners is therefore essential.

Removing disability payments from disabled pensioners means their social isolation will be made far worse than for pensioners that are not disabled. Now, it has been established by many research projects that social isolation can lead to an early death.

What we must ask ourselves is: is the removal of disability benefits from disabled pensioners because the Government has not thought about the consequences, does not care or is it a deliberate policy on the part of the Government to ensure that disabled pensioners die earlier?

If it is deliberate … there is a name for causing the deaths of those who are disabled or do not fit the social model a government is developing.

It is called eugenics.


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