Collateral Damage

David Cameron promised victims of phone hacking that he would instigate the recommendations of the Leveson report as long as they were not ‘bonkers’.

Well, the recommendations have been analysed by many commentators and there is general agreement that they are well-considered and anything but bonkers.

Cameron was also shown during the Leveson inquiry to have had a close relationship with at least one editor and possibly more.

But now Cameron has declared that he will not support any regulation of the media that is based in law.

There is no reason why a law should not be drawn up that lays down minimum levels of acceptable behaviour by the media regarding unwarranted intrusion into the behaviour of others in their private lives but still does not interfere with the freedom of the media to investigate suspicious behaviour that suggests corruption or criminality.

Cameron’s refusal seems to suggest collusion with the media to thwart the promise he made so openly to victims of phone hacking. Has he broken his promise? It looks that way. Does that make Cameron corrupt? Even if he is, I can’t see the lily-livered Lib Dems willing to lose their role in government by voting against him so it looks as if he will get his own, and the media’s way. Unless something drastic happens, it seems that the victims, as usual, will be thrown aside as ‘collateral damage’.

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